Facial cosmetic surgery
Aesthetic lip surgery

Lip beautification by reshaping and/or voluming

Lips are one of the most important part of the face that represent younthfulness and sensuality.

Upper lip lift

This technique is detailed in a specific chapter.

Corner lip lift (smile lipt)

Corner lip lift is designed in order to elevate an otherwise drooping outer corner of the lip. After this surgery, the patients will appear less angry or sad.

A little scar a few millimeters long is performed on each side of the mouth.

Dao muscle release can be performed at the same time or instead of a corner lip lift in minor cases.

Lip reduction

One or both lips can be reduced with an intra-oral hidden scar.

Lip augmentation

Lips can be enhanced by fat injections or hyaluronic acid injections.

Vermilion advancement 

The vermilion advancement is a permanent alternative to lip injections. It involves a scar along the border of the red lip.

Lip advancement should be reserved for those patients who have very thin lips that not respond very well to hyaluronic acid or fat injections.

Correction of wrinkles of the lip

Wrinkles can be treated one by one by hyaluronic acid injections but if there are a lot of wrinkles around the mouth, the best treatment is eletro-rejuvenation (Timed) that erase all wrinkles definitely in one session.

The time of healing after eletro-rejuvenation is 3 weeks and a redness can last up to 3 months (but make-up can be worn as soon as perfect healing is obtained).

Principle of the procedure

All procedures concerning aesthetic of the lips are performed under local anesthesia on a outpatient basis.

Postoperative effects

Healing is achieved in a week. Some bruise and swelling will stay for a 5 to 7 days. There is no pain.

Risk of complications

Concerning lip surgery, the rate of complications is very low.

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Updated: 27-06-2016

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