Cosmetic breast surgery
Breast asymmetry

All breasts have a certain degree of asymmetry, like the rest of the body, but this asymmetry should not appear obvious at first glance

Asymmetry between the two breasts may refer to their shape, volume and / or their position on the chest. This asymmetry may appear at puberty and be part of a malformation of the breasts (tuberous breasts, Poland syndrome) or be related to "normal" breasts. Asymmetry may also occur secondarily as a result of trauma (burned breasts, accident, and assault) or after surgery (removal of a benign or malignant breast tumor).

The asymmetry of the chest, especially when it is obvious and moreover if it is related to a malformation of the breasts, results in serious psychological and functional consequences. Patients can develop a complex and be anxious in their daily lives (sexual life, difficulties finding clothing that fits and having to wear a support bra, stopping certain sporting activities, fear of medical examinations).

Surgical treatment of asymmetric breasts utilises all of the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic techniques that will be selected and combined on a case by case basis (reduction or increase in breast volume, treatment of breast ptosis, areola modification). Patients are always very satisfied with the result because they regain their confidence and a better quality of life.


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Updated: 16-08-2015

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